Mariel's Garden 1881 Amuyong-Kaytitinga Road, Barangay Kaytitinga I
8516 Everlasting
Paranaque, NCR 1700
Phone: 09176808777
August 8, 2023
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August 12, 2023
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Venue Rental Agreement

This Rental Agreement (hereinafter referred to as Agreement) defines the terms and conditions under which Mariel’s Garden Events Place Rental, (hereinafter referred to as the VENUE), and Anna (hereafter referred to as the CLIENT) agree to the Client’s use of the Mariel’s Garden facilities. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and becomes binding upon the signature of both parties. The contract may not be amended or changed unless executed in writing and signed by Mariel’s Garden and the CLIENT. The parties hereby accept the following as Terms and Conditions:


8516 Everlasting
Paranaque, NCR 1700
Phone: 09176808777

  1. The CLIENT agrees to pay the rental fee as stated in the invoice.
  2. The payment terms of renting the VENUE are as follows:

    • 50% downpayment to confirm booking
    • Balance to be paid 14 (fourteen) calendar days before check-in.
  3. Security Deposit. CLIENT shall make a security deposit to cover any incidental charges including but not limited to cleaning, repair costs for damages incurred either accidentally or intentionally, or penalties for overtime use of the VENUE. The security deposit shall be paid in cash upon check-in and the unused amount shall be refunded to the CLIENT within 14 days after the event.
    • Accommodation Bookings – P5,000
    • Event Bookings – P10,000
    • Pet Security Deposit – Additional P2,000 per pet
  4. Payments must be made through the following bank account:
    • Bank: BDO Unibank, Inc.
      Account Name : Mariel’s Events Place Rental
      Savings Account Number : 0047-5025-2320
  5. Failure to pay. Failure to make payment according to the terms of payment will be considered a cancellation of the event and the provisions for cancellation will apply.
  1. Event Suppliers: The CLIENT shall be responsible for ensuring that all event suppliers, including but not limited to caterers, decorators, musicians, and photographers, have read and will comply with the event guidelines and policies of the VENUE. The CLIENT shall inform all event suppliers of the guidelines and policies and shall require them to adhere to the same. VENUE shall not be responsible for the actions or omissions of event suppliers, and any damage caused by such suppliers shall be the responsibility of the CLIENT.
  2. Guest Compliance: The CLIENT shall be responsible for ensuring that all guests comply with the guidelines and policies of the VENUE. The CLIENT shall inform all guests of the guidelines and policies and shall require them to adhere to them. In the event that any guest violates the guidelines or policies, the VENUE may request that the CLIENT take appropriate corrective action, which may include asking the guest to leave the premises. Any damage caused by such guests shall be the responsibility of the CLIENT. The CLIENT shall indemnify and hold the VENUE harmless from any and all claims, damages, or liabilities arising out of or in connection with the actions or omissions of guests.
  1. VENUE will provide personnel for the purpose of safeguarding the VENUE and enforcing the guidelines for the use of the VENUE under this Agreement. VENUE will not be liable for any losses, injury, or damages that CLIENT, Guests/Participants, and Suppliers may incur.
  2. The Security Deposit will be used for any actual or estimated repair or cleaning costs to restore the VENUE, equipment, or other property to the same condition prior to CLIENT'S use and if the same is not sufficient to cover said costs, CLIENT shall be charged for the difference.
  1. VENUE takes no responsibility for any personal effects, equipment, property, and possessions of CLIENT, their Guests/Participants, Suppliers, and other persons in the VENUE during or after the Event.
  2. VENUE will keep a lost and found for items that are found after the Event and will hold the same for up to 15 days. After said period, VENUE may dispose of the said items as it may deem fit.
  1. Cancellation. All payments made (whether full payment or partial) are strictly non-refundable; however, the full amount is transferrable to a new CLIENT/booking subject to the following terms and conditions:
    • VENUE shall be notified by the CLIENT, in writing, of a booking cancellation. The said booking and contract shall then be nullified.
    • The new CLIENT must secure a new booking date (subject to availability) and booking contract with VENUE.
    • The new booking shall be subject to VENUE’s current rates and offerings. It shall not acquire any discounts, promos, or offerings associated with the previous/cancelled booking, nor have exclusive rights to the dates stated on the previous/cancelled contract.
  2. Rebooking. CLIENT may rebook to a later or earlier date subject to the following terms and conditions:
    • That the desired new date is available at the time of the rebooking request.
    • A rebooking fee of P3,000 per night shall be paid before the new booking can be completed.
    • Current rates shall apply for every rebooking made. All discounts, promos, or offerings associated with the previous booking shall no longer be valid.
  3. Force Majeure. Neither Party shall be liable for any failure to perform due to causes beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to acts of God, acts of civil authorities, acts of military authorities, riots, embargoes, acts of nature and natural disasters, and other acts which may be due to unforeseen circumstances, provided that the Party prevented from complying herewith shall take all actions within its power to comply as fully as possible. Except when not reasonably possible, the Party prevented by force majeure shall notify the other Party in writing within 5 days from the occurrence of said force majeure. VENUE shall reschedule the Event at a date and time agreed upon by both Parties.


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Guidelines and Policies

I. Suppliers and Guest List
  1. All suppliers should register through Google Forms one (1) week before the event. Only those who are on the list will be allowed to enter.
  2. Client must submit a list of individuals who will be checking in at least one week prior to the check-in date, and only those individuals on the list will be allowed to enter.
  II. Ingress and Egress Schedule
  1. Ingress: Eight (8) hours before event time.
  2. Egress: Three (3) hours after the event.
  3. Extension: The Client may request to extend the time for ingress/egress of suppliers beyond the scheduled time, subject to availability, and will be charged 1,000 pesos per hour.
  III. Venue Extension
  • A 15-minute grace period will be given at the end of the scheduled event time. After that, any additional time will be charged at a rate of 5,000 pesos per hour.
  IV. Additional Charges
  1. Additional charges for services or facilities not included in the basic rental fee may apply. Payment for any additional charges must be made in full prior to the event or before check-out, whichever comes first.
    • Venue Extension: 5,000/hour
    • Ingress/Egress Extension: 1,000/hour
    • Main House Extension: 2,000/hour
    • Cottage Room Extension: 500/hour
    • Extra Pax (Accommodation): 1,000/night
    • Use of jacuzzi: 300/hour
    • Ground floor aircon (main house common area): 400/hour
    • Rental of scaffolding: 2,000/set
  V. House Rules and Prohibited Items/Activites
  1. House Rules
    • Only confirmed guests will be allowed inside the premises. Guest of guests (accommodation bookings) will be charged 500/head.
    • Kids should be accompanied by adults at all times. Management will not take responsibility for their safety.
    • Venue staff are not permitted to enter the main house and cottages once guests have checked-in, except upon request by guests who require assistance.
    • Appliances must be turned off after use.
    • Cleaning of main house and cottage rooms are scheduled before and after - not during - guests stay. Househelpers may be hired subject to availability.
  2. Permitted
    • Sparklers (garden area only)
    • Confetti (pavilion only)
    • Fog, bubble machines (pavilion and garden only)
    • Pets- must be diapered, leashed or caged (pavilion, garden, or porch area only)
    • Smoking is only allowed outdoors and cigarette butts must be disposed of in ashtrays provided.
  3. Prohibited
    • Fireworks, flying lanterns, and other fire hazards
    • Party inflatables
    • Pets inside main house or cottage rooms
    • Loud singing or loud music after 10pm
    • Hanging, pasting, or attaching objects on walls, trees or structures without prior approval from management
    • Climbing trees, roof structures, posts or balcony railings
    • Leaving garbage such as food waste, flowers, decorations inside the premises (suppliers must bring their own trash bags to collect and dispose of their garbage)
    • Leaving equipment or other personal property beyond the allowed egress time
    • Suppliers/guests sleeping over or staying within the premises beyond the allowed time
    • Suppliers drinking alcoholic beverages
    • Drugs or controlled substances
    • Smoking indoors
    • Picking flowers, fruits, vegetables or any plant
    • Use of electrical appliances or equipment that consume high amounts of electricity without prior approval from the staff in charge
    • Suppliers using kitchen appliances or utensils inside the main house. These are for the exclusive use of checked-in guests.
    • Suppliers entering rooms or cottages without consent of checked-in guests
    • Loitering around venue staff area, staff house or warehouse
    • Employing venue staff/personnel for ingress, egress, or setup activities
    • Parking vehicles outside designated locations
  4. Fines and Penalties
    • Any violation of these policies shall be subject to a fine of 3,000 pesos per violation.
    • A fee of 500 pesos will be charged for lost keys.
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